Brazilian edition of "Daggers of Darkness" by Editora Marques Saraiva.

O Calabouço da Morte

Brazilian edition of "Deathtrap Dungeon" by Editora Marques Saraiva.


Brazilian Edition of "Forest of Doom" by Jambô Editora.

Aventuras Fantásticas ("Fantastic Adventures") was the name given in Brazil to the Fighting Fantasy series. They were published by Editora Marques Saraiva. They had the prefix Livro-Jogo (gamebook).

Not all gamebooks were released - only 28 in total, plus some Sorcery!, Cretan Chronicles and other spin-offs. In 2009, the books were re-released, together with other previously unreleased titles by Jambô Editora, but this time keeping the original Fighting Fantasy name, in english.

Editora Marques Saraiva didn't followed the same book order from the Puffin books (check the table below for the number differences). Other series, like Sorcery! (translated as "Artes Mágicas!"), Cretan Chronicles and Advanced Fighting Fantasy ("Aventuras Fantásticas - RPG Avançado") didn't have all their books released in the country.


The releases from Editora Marques Saraiva followed the Puffin book cover formats, even using the same cover art. with some releases having a modified version of the Gamebooks banner Adventure Gamebooks banner, with the text "Livros-Jogos Aventuras Fantásticas", while other books followed the Dragon cover format, with the numbering on the cover but no foil. Not a single book from any collection had foil on the cover in Brazil.

The Sorcery! series were released following the Black Dragon cover format with no foil, but had a red border around the cover and withe lettering. Strangely enough, despite the series being called Artes Mágicas! ("Magical Arts") in Brazil, the text was kept as Sorcery! on the covers. The Sorcery Spellbook wasn't released in Brazil.

The Clash of the Princes books were released as Fúria de Príncipes ("Wrath of Princes"), keeping the original art, but using an exclusive brown cover design. It wasn't released in a box, but in a plastic wrap.

The Cretan Chronicles books had the yellow/blue banner replaced by a red one. The name of this series was translated as Crônicas de Creta (literal translation from english).

The Fighting Fantasy Manuals - Out of the Pit and Titan were released in the A4 format. The cover of Out of the Pit is strange, being a mix of the both A4 and B covers, with the Black Dragon from The Fighting Fantasy Poster Book. While Out of the Pit kept the same art as the Puffin version, Titan had the cover art replaced.

The releases from Jambô Editora followed Wizard's Series 1 Standard Edition cover format, but while the original releases from Editora Marques Saraiva kept the same cover art from the Puffin books, Jambô Editora prefered to replace the cover artwork for original ones. These books have the Fighting Fantasy logo from Wizard.

Later releases from Jambô Editora dropped the Wizard cover format, featuring an original halved cover design, with original artwork, featuring the Old School logo as resurrected by Wizard, but this time in white text over a clear background.

Books TranslatedEdit

Editora Marques Saraiva (early 90s)Edit


No. Puffin No. Title Literal Translation
1 2 A Cidadela do Caos The Citadel of Chaos
2 1 O Feiticeiro da Montanha de Fogo The Wizard of the Fire Mountain
3 6 Floresta da Destruição Forest of Destruction
4 5 A Cidade dos Ladrões The City of Thieves
5 3 O Calabouço da Morte The Dungeon of Death
6 4 A Nave Espacial Traveller The Traveller Space Ship
7 14 O Templo do Terror The Temple of Terror
8 15 As Coligações de Kether The Connections of Kether
9 16 Mares de Sangue Seas of Blood
10 17 Encontro Marcado com o M.E.D.O. Appointment with F.E.A.R.
11 18 Planeta Rebelde Rebel Planet
12 19 Demônios das Profundezas Demons from the Deep
13 38 A Cripta do Vampiro The Crypt of the Vampire
14 22 Robô Comando Robot Commando
15 21 Prova dos Campeões Trial of the Champions
16 13 Guerreiro das Estradas Road Fighter
17 9 As Cavernas da Feiticeira da Neve The caves of the Snow Wizard
18 20 A Espada do Samurai The Sword of the Samurai
19 29 Ladrão da Meia-Noite Midnight Thief
20 10 Mansão das Trevas Mansion of the Darkness
21 28 Fantasmas do Medo Phantoms of Fear
22 11 O Talismã da Morte The Talisman of Death
23 25 Fortaleza dos Pesadelos Nightmare Fortress
24 35 Punhais da Escuridão Daggers of the Darkness
25 26 A Cripta do Feiticeiro The Crypt of the Wizard
26 36 Exércitos da Morte Armies of Death
27 32 Escravos do Abismo Slaves of Abyss
28 33 Sky Lord Sky Lord


Book No. Title Literal Translation
1 As Montanhas Shamutanti The Shamutanti Mountains
2 Kharé – Porto dos Ardis Kharé – Port of Schemes
3 As Sete Serpentes The Seven Serpents

The fourth book, The Crown of Kings, was not translated or released in Brazil.

Clash of the Princes

Fúria de Príncipes - O Caminho do Guerreiro
Fúria de Príncipes - O Caminho do Feiticeiro

Cretan ChroniclesEdit

Book No. Title
1 O Feudo Sangrento de Alteu
2 Na Corte do Rei Minos

The third book, Return of the Wanderer, was not translated or released in Brazil.


Out of the Pit – Saídos do Inferno
Titan – O Mundo de Aventuras Fantásticas

Introductory Role-playing GameEdit

RPG / Aventuras Fantásticas – Uma introdução aos role-playing games
O Saqueador de Charadas

Advanced Fighting FantasyEdit


The third book, Allansia, was not translated or released in Brazil.

Fighting Fantasy NovelsEdit

As Guerras de Trolltooth
Demonstealer – Ladrão-Demônio

The third book, Shadowmaster, was not translated or released in Brazil.

Jambô Editora (2009)Edit


No. Puffin No. Title
1 1 O Feiticeiro da Montanha de Fogo
2 2 A Cidadela do Caos
3 3 A Masmorra da Morte
4 24 Criatura Selvagem
5 5 A Cidade dos Ladrões
6 26 A Cripta do Feiticeiro
7 10 A Mansão do Inferno
8 3 A Floresta da Destruição
9 9 As Cavernas da Bruxa da Neve
10 21 Desafio dos Campeões
11 36 Exércitos da Morte
12 50 Retorno à Montanha de Fogo
13 7 A Ilha do Rei Lagarto
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