400 is traditionally the objective for the reader of a Fighting Fantasy gamebook, the paragraph containing the conclusion of the adventure.


According to the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain the fact that The Warlock of Firetop Mountain had 400 references was a complete fluke. The original manuscript for the book apparently had 399 paragraph references when it was completed and so Steve Jackson wrote an extra reference (being an extra false reference to the sum total of the key's to Zagor's chest). This then set the standard.[1]

Non-Standard Length Books[]

Some adventures however have had more or less than the standard 400 paragraphs:

Successful Conclusion is Not the Final Paragraph[]

Some have not had the last paragraph in the book as the final one and instead as a standard paragraph, the conclusion to the adventure buried elsewhere in the book:

Multiple Successful Conclusions[]

Some books feature several conclusions of varying levels of success.


For more information on the end of the series, see Cancellation of Puffin Range

In 1996 when the Fighting Fantasy range was in some decline Puffin considered having new books reduced to only 300 paragraphs and older titles edited down to match.[2]


There have also been a number of shorter adventures (both solo and multi-player), many from the pages of Warlock.

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