FF FistfulGamebox

The cover of the green Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebox

A Fistful of Fighting Fantasy was a gamebox title of one of the later Fighting Fantasy Boxsets launched as Christmas promotions.

This had the Puffin Logo and the cover was in the Dragon Cover Format. It contained books thirty-two to thirty-four in the main series (also in the original Dragon Cover Format).



From the contents of the gamebox we can surmise that it was brought out in 1988, with all three books that it contains being the Dragon Cover Format covers, and most importantly being published in 1988.[1]


One set has all constituent books having the cost of £2.25 each[1] As to the price of the whole boxset this was dependent on a price sticker although the price has not been confirmed.

FF FistfulGameboxWrap

The four sides of the green Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebox

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