skill 7
stamina 8
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Large Bite
Habitat Hills, Wilderness
Number Encountered 2-7 (1 die plus 1)
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average

Origins and DistributionEdit

Aakor are strange creatures that once were perhaps ordinary Wolves, before they gained their wings and their penchant for warm blood. It is likely that they are the remnants of some sorcerous experiment by a forgotten wizard centuries ago.[1]

Because of this, their type has been changed from the original Animal in Out of the Pit to Monster here, to better reflect their unnatural origins and bloodthirsty lifestyle.[2]

All other details concerning the origins and distribution of the Aakor remain unknown, though they conceivably could be found in wilderness or hilly areas across Titan.[3] They would appear to be a very rare creature going by their lack of appearances in any other Titan-based canon.


Aakor are smaller than Wolves, but physically very similar, except for a large pair of feathery wings sprouting from their shoulders. They can fly well, steering themselves with their bushy tails as their keen eyes seek out suitable food below them. They hunt in packs, soaring high in the sky on outstretched wings and howling in the moonlight.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Aakor have no special abilities other than being able to fly.[1]

Further NotesEdit

  • They usually live on deer or boar, but they don't restrict their diet to four-legged creatures. Aakor can prove dangerous foes as they swoop down on travellers, claws outstretched to grab their next meal. They will take one particular target each, land on their prey and bite deeply. Once their prey has been finished off, they will pause to lap up the still-warm blood before tearing the carcass apart and devouring it.[1]
  • Aakor is both the singular and plural form of name for this creature.[1]
  • For a long time, they were one of those rare creatures that occurred in Out of the Pit but nowhere else in official Titan canon. This is no longer the case, since they can be fought in Stormslayer[4].

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