Advanced Fighting Fantasy Book
Function: Rule book
Location: Titan
Publication Details
Author(s): Graham Bottley

Illustrator(s): Various
Arion Games
Cover illustrator: John Sibbick
First published: May 9 2011
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-85744-067-9

Advanced Fighting Fantasy — The Roleplaying Game is a heavily revised introductory manual for the "Advanced Fighting Fantasy System" (AFF) written by Graham Bottley that marks the start of the Second Edition Advanced Fighting Fantasy range (AFF2). It was based mainly on the 1989 title Dungeoneer which in turn was based on Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy series. The book was illustrated by various artists and was published in 2011 (ISBN 978-0-85744-067-9). It was compiled with Out of the Pit and Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World to make a volume called Advanced Fighting Fantasy Deluxe in 2016 (ISBN TBC).



A complete Roleplaying Game in the classic Fighting Fantasy World. Let your imagination take you to Firetop Mountain or the Forest of Doom, and have new and exciting adventures.

Contains all you need to play, including:

Full rules for Hero creation
Comprehensive but fast game rules
More than 160 Spells and magical Powers
Monsters, Dungeons and Adventure creation

Advanced Fighting Fantasy is perfect for those completely new to gaming and veterans alike, and will provide many hours of fun!

Advanced Fighting Fantasy – The Roleplaying Game - Back Cover



Fighting Fantasy - the Introductory Role-Playing Game[]

Main article: The Wishing Well (mod)

Chapter 1 - Hero Creation[]

Chapter 2 - Game Rules[]

Chapter 3 - Combat[]

Chapter 4 - Magic[]

Chapter 5 - Religion[]

Chapter 6 - The World of Titan[]

Chapter 7 - Directors Guidelines[]

Chapter 8 - Monsters and Enemies[]

Chapter 9 - Adventure Ideas[]

Main article: Agbar's Retreat

Chapter 10 - Treasure[]

Chapter 11 - Optional Rules[]



Cover and Illustrations[]


The original cover of the book was designed and illustrated by John Sibbick. It had originally been used as the cover of the first Advanced Fighting Fantasy title Dungeoneer.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy — The Roleplaying Game Cover Variants
2011 2016
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A4 Format
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The interior illustrations were by various artists.

Further Notes[]

The Advanced Fighting Fantasy book contains a list of "Sample Archetypes" that players can use as Pre-generated Player Characters for use in the AFF game. The Archetypes can also be used as characters in the game by the Director. The Sample Archetypes are:

French Language Edition[]

Other Fighting Fantasy Books
Location Titan
Publication details
Author(s) Graham Bottley

Illustrator Various
First Edition
Cover illustrator Jidus
First published March 13 2013
Publisher Scriptarium
ISBN ISBN 978-2-9543631-0-3

A French translation (ISBN 978-2-9543631-0-3), Défis Fantastiques - le Jeu de Rôle, was published in March 2013 after crowdfunding via Ulule (a French-language crowdfunding platform).[1]

Main article: Le Tambour de Gondrim

This contains an exclusive module Le Tambour de Gondrim.


For Florence, Benjamin and Jo[2]

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