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Owner David Holt
Created by David Holt (as "lordvoldemort")
Available language(s) English
Launched June 19 2001
Current Status Closed (2003 (?) - now redirects to was a Fighting Fantasy-orientated website run by David Holt and launched in 2001. The site was replaced in 2003 by the official website.


The introductory paragraph of the site read thus:

"Welcome to the community. is the main site on the net dedicated to the genre of the
Fighting Fantasy game. This site has been designed to create an online community that all FF and AFF fans can come too and enjoy. A resource of information and material and a place to voice your opinion, whatever it may be.

The site is excited to provide you with exclusive unseen FF material, fiction, amateur adventures, reviews, maps, walkthroughs, interviews and much, much, more. For those of you wanting to learn the art of AFF role-playing this site also serves as a source of information to learn how. Updated soon will be a step by step guide on character creation, gaming tips, DM help, forums, character sheets, spell lists, skills, campaign guides and everything else you'll need to design and play your own AFF adventures.

" is the only site dedicated to the genre of the Fighting Fantasy Game. This site has been designed to give all FF and AFF fans one giant resource, a united place of gathered information and material for everyone to enjoy!

This site has been developed to provide a resource for dedicated fans of the
Fighting Fantasy phenomenon of the 80's and 90's. To find out what the Fighting Fantasy phenomenon is click on the F.A.Q to the left under the Gaming Material heading. has been designed as a library of information regarding the FF genre in general and it is our hope that it will become a regular port of call where you can read posts, contact other FF fans, read new amateur stories and gamebook adventures and lastly become part of it's continued development with your feedback on the AFF games rules and campaign game world of Titan.

If you can recall the days of the brilliant
Warlock magazine, we want this site to develop through your input as much as the FF magazine also did during its 13 issue publication."


The following titles were also listed in the pdf versions of some of the above titles, but were not available online:


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  • Advanced Fighting Fantasy [1] - this Yahoo! chat forum was launched in June 2001 and closed in October 2003 when it moved to the forums at Like other material at, it was eventually incorporated into

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  1. These numbers were assigned by Dave Holt and listed on one of the inside pages of the pdf versions of some of these titles.
  2. This title is listed both as adventure #18 and separately as the first title in a new Sorcery! series.