Anvil is a small village in the Pagan Plains in north-west Allansia.[1]

Drinking establishments in Anvil include The Two Moons tavern and Hullgrim's Alehouse.[2] At only two day's walk from Firetop Mountain, the people of Anvil live in fear of the Warlock who is said to live within, and it is from Anvil that many foolish adventurers have set off to enter the dungeon under that mountain.[3]

The reign of terror inflicted on Anvil by Zagor, the Warlock of Firetop Mountain, reached its peak ten years after an adventurer claimed to have killed the Evil Warlock. After a decade of peace, the red top of Firetop Mountain turned a deathly black, livestock sickened and died, and villagers from Anvil began to disappear. It is claimed that these villagers were abducted by "hideous creatures of the night", and that Zagor was building himself a new body, bit by bit, from these unfortunate victims![4]

Anvil, Gilford and HavenEdit

Although Anvil is not named as the village in which YOU start your quest in the original text of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, the text in Warlock Issue 1 and Return to Firetop Mountain leave us in no doubt that this unnamed village was in fact Anvil.[5]

Curiously, this "unnamed" village received the name "Gilford" in the Myriador conversion of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

In the map accompanying the Myriador conversion, Anvil is set west of Firetop Mountain while Gilford appears to be closer and to the north.

The "unnamed" village was named "Haven" in the The Salamonis Gazette, perhaps because the authors had missed the identification of this village in Warlock and Return to Firetop Mountain.

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