Arion is a city-port in the far north-eastern corner of Khul, along the Nekros River and the Affen River.[1] Ships from all over Khul, and other continents, put in at Arion's docklands.[2]


In the period before the Splitting of Irritaria, the area around what would later become Arion was ruled by a powerful evil Archmage called Pyra-Caltor, the God-King. [3] Pyra-Caltor foresaw the destruction that the Splitting would cause, and put himself into suspended animation in a concealed tomb. [3]

Arion began to develop in the period after the Splitting of Irritaria; supposedly Arion is built on the ruins of a pre-Splitting town.[4]

In the year 1480OT, the first walls were completed around the town of Arion, and the King declared the town was now the City of Arion.[5] In its early days Arion thrived on trade with Ashkyos and Kabesh and grew in stature until it rivalled Kabesh itself. Although influenced to an extent by Kabeshian culture, Arion never formed part of the Kabeshian Khanate.

Brendan Bloodaxe[]

During the Great War against Evil, it was the forces of Arion, led by Brendan Bloodaxe, that destroyed the armies of Chaos on the lands now called the Battlegrounds. These forces went on to sweep across the central plains of Khul and came to the aid of Klarash to finally destroy the opposition and end the war. Although Arion not damaged by the Great War, many of its warriors did not return home. [6]

Brendan Bloodaxe married the daughter of the previous King of Arion, and succeeded him on the latter's death. Bloodaxe became celebrated in the popular memory as Arion's greatest hero, and his descendants became the new royal dynasty of Arion.[7]

Brendan The Great[]

In 99AC, the King, Queen and Lord Chamberlain of Arion were killed by an assassin. The King's son, Brendan III, succeeded his parents. Brendan III enacted policies of building roads, public buildings and universities, and brought great prosperity to Arion. After his death, Arionites called Brendan "Brendan the Great." [8]

Plague of 274 OT[]

In the autumn of 274AC, Arion was affected by a mysterious plague that lasted until the spring of the following year. The disease caused a clouding of the vision and a weakening of the muscles. Physicians, herbalists and priests were unable to treat the illness. The plague eventually disappeared in the spring of 275AC, although it left hundreds dead; the survivors of the disease took months to fully recover. The story of the plague is told in the book Curse of the Gods? by Palia Tuvon.[9]

Recent Events[]

King Brendan IV perished in a hunting accident near Lake Nekros in 281AC. He was succeeded by his children, Jonthane and Elegana, the current members of the Bloodaxe dynasty.[10][11]


It is the largest city in the north-east and has grown slightly over the last two centuries. It is now ruled over by the descendents of Brendan Bloodaxe himself, and the Helmet of Bloodaxe has been passed down from ruler to ruler. Legend has it that should the helmet ever fall into the wrong hands, chaos would stalk the streets of the city. The court of the King and Queen is frequented by the many nobles of the city and surrounding lands. Atypically for Titan, the ruling couple - King Jonthane and Queen Elegana - are brother and sister rather than husband and wife.[12] Examples of noble families are the Houses of Falashti and Azzur, and the now discredited Snau. The Noble Council of Elders advises the sovereign in all matters. The citizens of Arion are among the most content in Arion, not least because the city takes only minimal taxes from its citizens because the money gained by taxation is used with careful thought. Arion itself is the chief stronghold of the land of Arion whose boundaries extend north as far as Lake Nekros.

City Geography[]

Arion's shape resembles that of a rectangle with rounded corners. The city is surround by thick walls. The Affen River flows in to Arion from the west, where it joins the Nekros River, which runs down into Arion from the north.[13] The city is divided into many districts, the most famous of which is the Dockland Area, which is located next to the riverfront. The Dockland area has crowded quays and many inns and taverns. Establishments such as the seedy dive called The Barnacled Keel sit near the waterfront. Also, the alleys that lead from the docks into the city are home to such drinking dens. For instance on Creel-makers Alley are two inns: The Elfbane Bar is famous for its gambling wheel on the wall. The Bushel, is an upmarket establishment where the bar girls wear uniforms.[14] Arion has a famous Arion Academy, (also known as the Adventurers' Academy), in the north of the city, which trains young people to become adventurers. The tutors in the Academy are usually former adventurers of note. [12] Near the Academy is Dwalwin's School of Alchemy, run by the titular Gnome. This institute trains alchemists and also sells herbs and magic potions to customers.[15] In the centre-west of Arion lies Kachasta's Grove, a minature grove of trees that serves as a shrine to the goddess Kachasta. This is tended by Niserie, a young Wood Elf Priestess.[16] Arion has a market which sells various items, including equipment of use to adventurers.[17]


Arion has a permanent population of 16,000 citizens. [12] The city has the complete spectrum of humanity inhabiting its streets, from nobles to old crones selling heather for luck. Thugs, yobs and other degenerates also do their part to add a more subversive texture to the city. The Kalagarian prophet Vanator now lives in Arion. [18] Past the more upper class quarters of the city in the north is the Gate of Skulls, the northern gateway of Arion. Although people may travel within the lands near Arion however, most seldom travel far from their familiar world and certainly not past the shores of Lake Nekros. Even traders rarely make the trip to Fallow Dale on the other side of the Lake.


Arion controls gold mines, which form a "rich source of revenue" for the metropolis.[19] Arion's taxes on all its citizens are low.[20] The gold attracts merchants from all over Titan, such as Captain Captain of the Far Trader.[21]

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