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The Arrowhead Islands, also known as the Arrowhead Archipelago, are an archipelago off the north-east coast of Khul.[1][2] There are about twenty-eight islands in the archipelago. [3] The Arrowhead Isles are within "the azure sea" of the Black Ocean. [4] The Islands are governed by the Triumvirs—the council of three who rule the Varadian Alliance. [4] The Triumvirs govern from the city of Vernale, the capital of the Islands. [4] The White Tiger Regiment of mercenaries is based in Vernale. [4] The main purpose of the Varadian Alliance is to protect the Arrowhead Islands from attacks, especially from the reavers of the Blood Islands. [4]

In 82AC, Lord Mortis of Balthor attempted to seize control of the eastern islands. He was defeated and entombed on Stayng Island in the far east of the archipelago. With the exception of the invasion led by the Pirate Queen Zustra in 124AC,[5] the Arrowhead Islands were without war for many decades until the resurrection of Lord Mortis in 282AC on Stayng Island[6].

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