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Ashkyos is a city on the Ashen River in north central Khul and a haven for many peoples and races.[1] The city is currently ruled by the dictator Marshal Lakatos.[2] Ashkyos is one of the cities located on the Great Northern Trade Route. [3]

Ashkyos is a violent and almost lawless city, similar to Kharé or Port Blacksand.[4]


It is divided into a number of districts:

  • the shops;
  • the warehouses;
  • entertainers square;
  • the markets;
  • the docks; and
  • the Old Quarter.


Two of the fine guardsmen in the city.

Ashkyos' inhabitants are mainly Human. There are some Elves, Dwarfs, Lizard Men and Gnomes working as merchants in Ashkyos. There is also a large population of Half-Ogres, who work as gladiators, mercenaries and torturers.[4] Man-Orcs are found in the Old Quarter of the city.[5]

The Old Quarter[]

This is distinguished by its rowdy drinking dens, gambling houses and even more dubious establishments lining filthy thoroughfares. It is frequented by drunks and wide-eyed smokers of suspicious-looking water-pipes.

The Markets District[]

In the Markets District the merchants buy and sell all kinds of wares; everything from food and fabrics to Basilisk-skin cloaks, kegs of Guursh, and magical pots and pans that clean themselves.

The merchants are varied in the origins. Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, the odd furtive Gnome, Man-Orc and even a Lizard Man peddling patent medicines and necklaces of Shark's teeth for charms, can be found there.


The city is a hive of crime with many a footpad roaming its streets and the infamous Ashkyos Guard is no comfort being a particularly corrupt and unforgiving institution having among its captains Man-Orcs.


In Ashkyos sport is an important part of life with the Gladiatorial Park dominating Entertainers Square, a throwback to Kabeshian influence perhaps.

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