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Domain Love and Beauty
Home Celestial Court
Other Names Culacara, Jerez, and Ooraseel
Parentage Sindla (and Lord Moon according to some traditions)
Children Slangg and Tanit according to some traditions
Siblings Usrel and Libra
Affiliations Hall of Mind
Holy Day 28th Sowing (28th Heaven's Weeping)[1]
4th Fire (5th Corn Ripening)[2]

Asrel is the god of love and beauty and is most often depicted as a beautiful woman by the Humans of Titan.[3]

Place Among the Gods[]

As the goddess of love and beauty she has a place in the Hall of Mind.


She is the daughter of Sindla and therefore she is sister to Libra and Usrel. Some religions believe that Lord Moon was Sindla’s husband and hence Libra would be his daughter. She is also the mother of Slangg and Tanit according to some traditions.

Worship and Variations Across Titan[]

Asrel is closely linked to the Goddess Galana. Asrel still has a strong following in Salamonis, and her priest Archbishop Kalivan is influential at the Royal Court.[4] She is now rarely worshipped elsewhere on Titan, although all know her name.

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