Fighting Fantasy Gamebook
Location: Allansia, Titan
References: 400
Publication Details
Author(s): Ian Livingstone

Illustrator(s): Robert M. Ball
Wizard (Series 1)
Wizard (Series 2)
Cover illustrator: Robert M. Ball
First published: September 5 2019
Number 15
ISBN: ISBN 1-407196-83-1
Previous Book: Kharé - Cityport of Traps
Next Book: Return to Firetop Mountain

Assassins of Allansia is a single-player role-playing gamebook written by Ian Livingstone, illustrated by Robert M. Ball and originally published in 2019 by Scholastic Books. It forms part of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy series. It is the 15th in the Scholastic series (ISBN 1-407196-83-1).

Creation[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]


Are YOU tough enough to survive attacks by Allansia's most dangerous and deadly assassins?

After accepting a challenge to survive on Snake Island, a nightmare unfolds when a bounty is placed on your head. Beware the ruthless assassins hellbent on hunting you down - but who are they? Where are they? Trust no one...


Assassins of Allansia - Back Cover

Rules[edit | edit source]

The book in general follows the original rules set down in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (see Game System).

Equipment List[1][edit | edit source]

See "Errors" section below

Cover and Illustrations[edit | edit source]

Main article: Assassins of Allansia (illustrations)

Covers[edit | edit source]

The cover was designed and illustrated by Robert M. Ball. The cover of the "Collector's Edition" is by Karl Kopinski.

Assassins of Allansia Cover Variants
2019 2019
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£6.99 £40.00

Illustrations[edit | edit source]

The book is illustrated by Robert M. Ball. There were 20 full page illustrations and 6 minor repeated illustrations scattered throughout the text. The paragraphs with a full page illustration were: 6, 23, 39, 53, 69, 88, 89, 106, 127, 147, 163, 203, 223, 244, 268, 288, 309, 341, 363, and 389. The full-page illustrations in the book were accompanied with a caption giving a short extract from the text.

The map was by Leo Hartas.

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Main Characters[edit | edit source]

YOU: Hero of Assassins of Allansia

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Errors[edit | edit source]

  • You are supposed to be penniless and hungry at the start, yet the Rules say you commence the adventure with 10 sets of Provisions.
  • (67) and (125) say you bandage your leg, even though you have not been shot in the leg.
  • (163) has you fight Urzle Ironface for five rounds, but he can be killed in only three rounds by using luck.
  • (199) says you hand over your possessions, but unlike (81) does not exclude items in your pockets, which makes the book unwinnable. In either case, given the situation, "possessions" surely includes your sword and any other weapons, but many subsequent sections assume you have a sword.
  • (205) says the bounty on your head is 10,000 Gold Pieces, not 1,000. (This could be character error on the part of the assassin?)
  • (335) says you follow the map down Quiet Street, but it's possible to reach this section without buying the map.

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  1. Assassins of Allansia - pg.259-261
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