Bathoria is one of the principalities of Mauristatia in the Old World.

Bathoria is described as the "domain of demons and the Lords of Night."[1] It is notorious for its ghoulish Death-cults,[2] and is the home of the infamous Bone Shamen.[3] The priesthood of the god Death are active in Bathoria.[1] As a result, it has drawn Knights from other lands in Crusade against the forces of darkness.[1]

Despite this, it appears that Bathoria is considered by some as not being the worst place to live. For example, the landlord of The Gibbet Tree, south of the village of Balci in the Mauristatian principality of Lupravia, was considering moving there with his daughter Meg as a result of the depradations of the Headless Highwayman.[4] But perhaps that tells us more about Lupravia than Bathoria!

It is known that the Cadre Infernal drew its members from Bathoria, as well as Mortvania and Lupravia, at the height of its power over a century ago.[5]

Further NotesEdit

  • Bathory was the name of a Hungarian noble family, the most infamous of whom was Countess Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614). She was accused of murdering young girls and bathing in their blood to preserve her youth, giving rise to myths associating her with vampires.

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