Beshbalik astride his Fangtigers[1]

Beshbalik is the leader of the nomadic clan of Kazanid mercenaries known as Beshbalik's Marauders.

He is a barrel-chested man with a bald head, a flowing moustache, and a patch covering his left eye, who frequently rides two Fangtigers and is accompanied by a Grypfalcon which perches on his shoulder.[2] As a mercenary, Beshbalik may place financial reward above honour,[3] but he is also known to reward those who are loyal to him.[4]

It is the association with Fangtigers that point towards Beshbalik's roots as one of the Yigenik clan.

Further Notes[]

  • The name Beshbalik is of a Turkic type typical of Kazan. In Turkish, for example, beş means 'five' and balık means 'fish', although there is no suggestion in Daggers of Darkness that this is the intended meaning of Beshbalik. For further discussion, see the article on the Kazanid Language.

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