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Black Elf
skill 5-7
stamina 4-7
Type Humanoid/Elf

Black Elf appears to refer to both a faction of Elves and also to Elves who have black skin.

Origins and Distribution Edit

The Black Elf faction were once part of the uprising led by Prince Viridel Kerithrion against the rest of the Elven nations, but became horrified at the depths to which they had sunk, and managed to escape to the surface world again. However, they have never truly forgiven themselves for what they were a part of.[1]

Black Elves can be found all over Titan. Some live in Kakhabad whilst others live in Allansia.[2]

Description Edit

The Black Elf faction members are a mostly nomadic and saddened race, intensely wary of other Elves and generally distrustful of other races. Though they have overcome the utter depravities to which the Dark Elves have sunk, they are known for serving Evil quite frequently, as was evinced by their presence in the service of the Archmage of Mampang and the armies of Balthus Dire during the Trolltooth Wars.[3]

Black Elves can be both light- and dark-skinned. For example, 3 of the Black Elves living in Kharé[4] and most of the members of the Caravan of Cesstar are light-skinned.[5] However, the Caravan shopkeeper Oolooh is black[6], along with the keeper of Balthus Dire's wine cellar[7], an Elf working in the Yellowstone Mines[8], and 3 guards in Mampang Fortress[9]. As demonstrated, Black Elves can hold a variety of jobs, such as trader and soldier.

Black Elves can vary from somewhat friendly to outright hostile. Some, such as the Caravan of Cesstar crew, welcome anyone who can pay for their goods and services,[10] whilst the ones in Mampang are more hostile and will racially abuse anyone light-skinned who enters their room (though they do tolerate the victim retaliating with similar racist banter).[11]

Special Abilities Edit

Black Elves have no inherent special abilities.

Further Information in Canon Edit

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