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skill 12
stamina 10
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Very Large Bite
Habitat Dungeons
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

The Bloodbeast is a type of reptile-like Monster from the Fighting Fantasy world.

Origins and Distribution[]

The origins and distribution of the Bloodbeast species are obscure. Certain physical features, such as its tongue, and skin texture and mutability, as well as its semi-aquatic lifestyle, suggest an amphibian heritage, although it is more commonly classified as a Monster.

Also, despite being a denizen of dungeons, Bloodbeasts do not turn up on the Encounter Table for that Habitat and thus would appear rare. Complicating this is another quote suggesting the Bloodbeast is actually a sewer-dweller.[1] Folklore (see "Further Notes" below) suggests it may be well known, and thus distributed, across northern Allansia at least.

Another possibility, based on the words of an adventurer meeting the Master of Frogs states that the Bloodbeast may originally have been native to Scorpion Swamp. The adventurer says:

I am in the service of Sukumvit, Baron of Fang. He has sent me to Scorpion Swamp to seek out new beasts for his Deathtrap Dungeon.[2]


The Bloodbeast in the first Deathtrap Dungeon

A Bloodbeast is large, at least four metres long, and so bloated it can never leave the pool of foul slime that supports its bulk. Its hide is tough and leathery, protected by thin spines and coloured a disgusting grey-green. Its head appears to consist of a myriad all-seeing eyes spread in a wide sweep above an enormous toothy maw, that also contains a long slimy pink prehensile tongue.[3]

The species does not appear to have any limbs which are able to provide or aid locomotion, which indicates that the beast is a sedentary lurker, not an active hunter or migrator, and never leaves its habitat unless it is forced to. Another hint to this is the fact that a Bloodbeast's pool is always filled with acidic slime, quite likely secreted by itself, to aid in digesting its prey (see Special Abilities).

Special Abilities[]

The Bloodbeast's one major weakness has always been its two real eyes, so it has evolved hundreds of fake 'eyes' that rise in crimson blisters before bursting open on its head. Anyone taking on the creature will need a lucky strike (Test for Luck) after winning an Attack Round to hit its real eyes and pierce its brain. (It is unknown whether or not a Bloodbeast can be injured by blows to its body, since that possibility is left unexplored.)

Attempting such a blow, however, means avoiding the thing's tongue. Unless its opponent can slash off the tongue with a sharp blade (by rolling their skill or less on two dice), they will be dragged into the pool, where the powerful acidic slime will quickly decompose their body, until it is ready to be eaten.[3] This process is abridged slightly in Blacksand!, which states that the Bloodbeast will do "Small Bite" damage for the first time it wins an Attack Round with its prehensile tongue, and then "Very Large Bite" damage for every Attack Round it wins after that.[1]

Finally, in Deathtrap Dungeon, the Bloodbeast's pool of acidic slime gave off a toxic gas that required a successful Test for Luck to avoid. Those unfortunates who were Unlucky would be overcome by the fumes and faint, to be dragged by the creature's tongue into the pool to their doom.[4] Whether this is a normal feature of a Bloodbeast's lair, or just unique to this particular individual, is unknown at this time.

Further Notes[]

In the long winter evenings, when snow lies in a frigid blanket across northern Allansia, folk gather round the fire and tell each other stories to chill the marrow. Ghosts, ghouls and wild magic often feature, but far more frequent - especially when children are present - are tails designed to ensure that their offspring grow up kind and good. There are as many different bogeymen as there are hearths round which these exploits are recounted, but one creature, present in all parts of the land, is guaranteed more than any other to give children nightmares for years: the Bloodbeast.

As legend has it, the Bloodbeast dwells deep in the heart of the wicked Lord Sukumvit's Deathtrap Dungeon, where it lies in wait for straying adventurers. As the cautionary tales would have it, though, its main diet is disobedient children, who are kidnapped from their beds in the middle of the night by Goblins and taken to feed its rapacious appetite as punishment for their misdeeds!
  • The Bloodbeast has been named and described in a nameless bestiary known simply as the Book of Monsters.[6]
  • In issue 7 of Warlock, the following ordeal was described by a hapless adventurer:
After being ravaged by a pack of Hellhounds, beaten up by a squad of Hobgoblin guards, badly burnt by a Dragon and narrowly escaping the jaws of a Bloodbeast, I managed to get through to...[7]
  • Competitors who participate in the Pie-Eating Competition of Zengis are described as "feeling rather like an inflated Bloodbeast" upon completing the contest.[8]
  • Bloodbeasts appear as one of the 100 creatures in the "Out of the Pit" bestiary in Warlock Issue 2.[9]

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