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Brain Slayer
skill 10
stamina 10
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Large Fist
Habitat Dungeons
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

A Brain Slayer is a Humanoid/Monster type in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.

Origins and DistributionEdit


A Brain Slayer attacking

The origins of the abominations known as Brain Slayers are unknown. Certainly there are suggestive elements to the images found within the Dead City and the vague description of the Chaotic entity trapped therein which imply Brain Slayers, at least in some form, have been active in the circles of Evil for many centuries.

Nowadays, however, they are found deep beneath the earth, dwelling in isolated colonies far from light or life, for they detest both with unmatched intensity, and will rarely venture upwards towards the surface world. Not even a Dwarf mine will usually extend deep enough to approach their dark, forbidding territories, so deep do their unholy homes lie.


A Brain Slayer appears basically as a Human with an Octopus (complete with tentacles) in place of its head. A Brain Slayer's skin is slick with slime and mucus, and is coloured a stomach-churning purple-green. They dress in long flowing robes patterned with bizarre designs. To look into the eyes of a Brain Slayer, it is said, is to gaze into pure, unsullied hatred.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Brain Slayers possess a hypnotic gaze which will affect anyone who fails two consecutive Tests for Luck, causing them to become paralysed and easy prey. At this point, a Brain Slayer will wrap its tentacles around the heads of its victims and begin to feed on their mental energy, causing the loss of 1 skill and 1-6 stamina points immediately. Fortunately, this will also break the hypnotic trance and enable the unfortunates to defend themselves.

Further NotesEdit

  • A Brain Slayer was encountered in the realm of Shareella, incredibly close to the surface for such a monster, with the only possible reason being that the foul being was somehow in the service of the Snow Witch.[2]
  • The Brain Slayer seems to be based on the Mind Flayer monster type from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons franchise.
  • The scholar Aspartis considers that the fact that the Bonecrusher has tendrils around its mouth as main sensory organs as evidence that the Bonecrushers are related to similarly tentascled Brain Slayer, perhaps as an associated guard or warrior race.[3]

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