skill 7-12
stamina 14-24
luck 4-9
magic 3
Preferred Weapon Swords, Any
Homeland Dalport
Race/Species Human
Gender Male

For other uses of Braxus, see Braxus (disambiguation)

Braxus is a warrior from Dalport, in the province of Parnassa, in Amarillia. He is one of the four playable characters in both Legend of Zagor gamebook and boardgame. [1] He is also one of the main protagonist of the Zagor Chronicles novels.

Early life[]

Braxus is born as a humble son of fisherman, in the city of Dalport, along the Whiskered Bay [2]. A few months before the Demonwar, he is informed by his father that he is the grand-son of Braxus the Fourth, eighth king of Amarillia, who abdicated to another king, and take his son away in order to protect him from a plot. Braxus decided therefore to go to the Crown Tower in order to meet the current king, Kraal, and propose him his service as a knight. [3]

The Demonwar[]

During the Demonwar, he meets the wizard Jallarial in Ember Woods, who warns him from the impending war. [4]

After learning the defeat Kraal, he choose to escort the wizard across the war-torn lands, alongside the Barbarian Anvar and the Dwarf warrior Stubble, to Sanctuary where Jallarial can prepare the counter attack against the Bone Demon. At Sanctuary, he is promoted as Household Knight by the Queen Hannara. [5]

With his fellow knights, he take part at the Battle of the Bottomless Pit, who see the defeat of the Bone Demon, and his imprisonment inside the Casket of Souls. [6]

Legend of Zagor[]

Braxus take part of the reconquest of Castle Argent, who was occupied by Zagor. During these events, he may be able to find the Orc-Slaying Sword of Knight Bethel [7], the two-handed magical sword of the Dark Knight of Castle Argent at its full potential [8], and the Magical Plate Mail Armour of Sir Avian [9].

After Legend of Zagor[]

Following the defeat of Zagor, he follow Jallarial in the world of Titan, in order to successfully break the bond linking Zagor to the Demonic Planes, source of the warlock invincibility. [10]

Back to Amarillia sixty-five years after their depart to Titan, Braxus help to the preparation of the final battle against Zagor, and take part of the assault of the Ice Citadel, where the warrior dies ,alongside Stumble into the explosion of two Iron Warriors, during the final defeat of Zagor. [11]


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