Brendan Bloodaxe
Race/Species Human
Gender Male

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Brendan Bloodaxe is, of the heroes who emerged from the catastrophic events of the Great War against Chaos, the one who stands tallest.[1][2]

Hailing from the great city of Arion, Bloodaxe was the general of the armies of that city during the Great War. Prior to the war, Bloodaxe had already married the Princess Royal of Arion.[1][2]

Having received word of the events to the west, Bloodaxe led his men west from Arion to the Old Forest north of Corda, who also sent forces to his aid. There they waited for the army of chaos to make its way east towards Arion and Corda. It is said that the angry spirits of the forest allowed them safe passage and shelter, and for a number of days they stayed there. From their position in the forest, Bloodaxe's forces ambushed the opposing force destroying its foreguard. Once emerged, the forces of Arion then pressed forward into the fray and began battling the forces of evil.[1][2]

Upon his victory, he raced his men towards Kabesh, but far too late was his arrival for that city lay in ruins. However, such was the heroism of the man and his army, that they embarked on an epic march to the aid of distant Shakista. For many weeks they tramped across the now ashen heartland of the continent until they came upon the rear of the forces of Chaos. Their coming was as a second wind to the defenders of Shakista. After a battle that lasted nine days, the combined armies of Arion, Corda and Shakista crushed the forces of Evil.[1] As a result of his generalship, Bloodaxe was acclaimed as a hero.[1][2]

On the death of the King of Arion a number of years following the war, Bloodaxe was named his successor - for the King's sons had been killed in the war.[1][2]

Bloodaxe died of old age in the year 52AC. Bloodaxe was succeeded by his eldest son; to this day Bloodaxe's descendants rule Arion.[1][2]

Further Notes[]

  • Brendan Bloodaxe is widely commemorated in modern Arion. The city contains a "Bloodaxe Street", as well as a statue of Brendan Bloodaxe (whose spear is used to dry washing!), and a prestigious restaurant called "The Bloodaxe".[3] A laudatory biography, The Life Of Brendan Bloodaxe by Brune Bloodaxe, is a popular book among Arion's literate citizens. [4]

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