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One of the major lands of the Old World, Brice is infamous for being in a state of perpetual feud with at least one of its neighbours, be it Gallantaria, Ruddlestone or even Mauristatia. The reason for this is that it has few natural resources of its own, and is perfectly willing to cause vast wars in order to gain any useful land whatsoever.


Because the dictators of Brice keep the populace in permanent readiness for war, exercising total command over the land from the capitol, the Forbidden Fortress, the country has proved very skilled at offensive and defensive strategies alike over the years, as proved by the First and Second Ruddlestone Wars of 1735 and 1805OT, and by their instigation of the War of the Four Kingdoms in 175AC.

Another well-known element of Brice is the unique drink that is found solely in the town of Quill in the far north of the country. Quillian Water looks, smells and tastes exactly like water... yet three small measures will kill a man. It tends to be served in thimbles at around 10 GP a shot.[1]


Early relations with Gallantaria

The Ruddlestone Wars

The War of the Four Kingdoms

The Crown of Kings



People of Brice include:


Places in Brice include:


Brician War-Hound Mammal/Canid FF53 211

Quillian Water


Titan (LF): 18, 21, 36-37, 44, 45, 125, 126

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