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Bristle Beast
skill 5
stamina 7
Weapon Used Small bite
Habitat Plains and as a pet of Humans
Number Encountered 1-6 in the wild; 1 as a pet
Type Animal
Reaction Friendly-Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

The Bristle Beast was an animal type of monster.[1]


A Bristle Beast was a type of dog-sized spiny-backed lizard, sometimes kept as a ferociously loyal pet by rich city dwellers.

Bristle Beasts were covered in thousands of shiny spines. They came from the warm plains of southern Allansia but can be found all over Titan in captivity. In the wild, they lived in burrows in the sandy earth, eating small mammals and insects.

Special abilities[]

The spines on the Bristle Beast's back were meant as a protection from attacks made by unarmed combatants, including biting, clawing and such. Any who would attack and hit a Bristle Beast with such attack methods would take damage as if the Bristle Beast had actually hit them.

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