Throughout the history of Fighting Fantasy, there has been a tradition of Cameo Appearances by individuals involved in the creation of Fighting Fantasy, in particular Ian Livingstone. In addition, there have been a number of in-jokes, particularly in illustrations, referencing Fighting Fantasy publications and other "real-world" things. A list of those identified thus far follows.

Cameo Appearances by Ian LivingstoneEdit

The ragged prisoner and former Trial of Champions contestant, in the illustration accompanying (210).[1]
One of the masks on the wall of "The Healer".
Both Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson put in an appearance in an illustration in The Crown of Kings. Here the co-founders of Fighting Fantasy appear in picture-portraits on the wall of a merchant's room in Mampang Fortress.[2]
Both Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson put in an appearance in an illustration in The Riddling Reaver. In the dining-room of the Riddling Reaver the guests are former enemies preserved in large pickling jars. On closer inspection, two of the enemies seated on the left of the Riddling Reaver, two and three places down, are Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson respectively.
Obigee, the landlord of Helen's House in Zengis who is exceptionally proud of his sailing achievements, in the illustration accompanying (368)[1] Obigee also appears in the Harem crew photo in (230).
The Inquisitor who had attended the School of Evil Magic, the School of Demonic Sorcery, and studied under the necromancer Hellmoon before going into the service of Zagor and guarding the path to the inner sanctum of Firetop Mountain, in the illustration accompanying (262).[1]
Three-Eyes Haag, a merchant from "far Cabaal", encountered in Castle Argent, in the illustration accompanying (194).[1]
A friendly merchant, in the illustration accompanying (329).[1]
A bust on display in a room of Goraya Castle, in the illustration accompanying (97).
Ian Livingstone Cameos through the years
1984 1984 1985 1986 1988 1988 1992 1993 2005 2012
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In Deathtrap Dungeon In Caverns of the Snow Witch In The Crown of Kings In The Riddling Reaver In Armies of Death In Armies of Death In Return to Firetop Mountain In Legend of Zagor In Eye of the Dragon In Blood of the Zombies

Cameo Appearances by Steve JacksonEdit

  • Sorcery! 4 The Crown of Kings
See above
  • The Riddling Reaver
See above
In the map accompanying the hardback version of this book (published by Oxford University Press) the title of the map is surrounded by artistic decoration, the top of which features Tantalon, and within the decoration along the bottom of the title is a portrait of Steve Jackson.
Steve Jackson Cameos through the years
1984 1985 1986
ToTSteveJackson Ian steve CoK RRIanSteveCameo
In The Tasks of Tantalon In The Crown of Kings In The Riddling Reaver

Jamie Thomson and the Maijem NosothEdit

Luke Sharp and Alkis FearslicerEdit

There is a strong likelihood that Luke Sharp is almost certainly a pseudonym of Alkis Alkiviades. The reasons are manifold and made clear in the article on Luke Sharp. If this is the case, then the character Alkis Fearslicer, who appears in both Chasms of Malice and Daggers of Darkness is potentially a cameo appearance. Interestingly, in the one picture of Alkis Fearslicer in Daggers of Darkness, his back is facing towards you so you cannot see his face to confirm the cameo.[3]

Note also that the name "Sikla" from Zamarra, as in Minak Sikla, is "Alkis" spelt backwards.[4]

Other CameosEdit

References to "Real-World" PublicationsEdit

"Real-world" Objects Captured in Stylised IllustrationsEdit

  • Armies of Death - Ian Livingstone's boat
In this book the hero meets Obigee, who is represented by Ian Livingstone in cameo (see above). Obigee talks at some length about his boat and the team that sail her in competition. Obigee points out a picture on the wall of the boat. In the "real-world", Games Workshop sponsored an Ultra 30[7] race team and it is likely that the picture on the wall is a stylised illustration of this boat. Later on in the adventure, Obigee produces a picture of the crew, again a stylised illustration of the real crew.
  • Return to Firetop Mountain - the Ultra 30
At (238) there is a stylised illustration of the Ultra 30 boat[7] that was sponsored by Games Workshop and won the "Daily Telegraph Ultra 30 Grand Prix UK Championship" in 1990 and 1991. Livingstone also dedicated the book to the crew that achieved this.

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