Cawlis is a Shapechanger wizard interested in demonology. He became so powerful that he managed to gather around himself an army of Trolls, Orcs, Goblins and Lizardmen based on Hellsgate. [1] He the attacked various towns and villages of the Pagan Plains gathering the pieces of the body of Axion, the original creator of the Shapechangers. He then returned from the Bloodstone to undeath Axion in Hellsgate, in order to have him reveal his secrets and use Axion's power for his personal evil ends. Axion didn't collaborate much, but Cawlis magic forces him to slowly remember and reveal his secrets, until Yaztromo and Chadda Darkmane infiltrated Hellsgate, killed him and released Axion's soul to final death. Before his mortal body is killed, it is revealed that Cawlis is in reality under demonic possession and this happened when once he tried to summon a Demon from the Pits, but instead the Demon took possession of him.

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