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skill 10 (Adult); 6 (Young)
stamina 10 (Adult); 5 (Young)
Attacks 2(Adult); 1(Young)
Weapon Used Sword, Spear
Habitat Forests, Plains, Wilderness
Number Encountered 1-6
Type Humanoid/Animal
Reaction Neutral-Unfriendly
Intelligence High

Origins and DistributionEdit

According to Centaur lore, they are the descendants of the first Horses tamed by Men, cursed by the Stallion God to bear a Human visage as punishment for the loss of their god's-given freedom. They are found across much of wild Allansia and in parts of the Old World, given their presence in the Baklands and the Banarask Hills.


Centaurs are well-known creatures in legend and tale, being among the oldest beings of the world. Their lower bodies are those of Horses, but they have a Human upper torso in place of a Horse's head. This combination means that a Centaur is able to eat both grass and meat - though they prefer the latter[1] - and will usually spend some time grazing as well as preparing a proper meal.

Some Centaur tribes are incredibly vicious, delighting on feeding on Human flesh with scant regard for the racial similarities, whilst others are noble and honourable in their dealings with all races, save when they must gird themselves for war.

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