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Chalannabrad is the capital of Femphrey. It was perviously called Femnis and was a decrepit capital, situated near the coast on the mouth of the Femnis River (now called the Chalanna River) and was rapidly crumbling round the ears of the king and it poverty-stricken merchants.[1]

But this all changed when King Chalanna found the artefact known as the Crown of Kings. This magical symbol of rulership made him wise and charismatic, and he quickly inspired his people into revitalizing their country. Within the space of just a few years Chalanna had worked wonders. The capital city was torn down before it could fall down, and a brand-new one was built in its places from the proceeds of the nation's new prosperity. Named Chalannabrad after its most famous resident, it is a wide, open city, with pleasant tree-lined avenues running between large, well built houses and clean parks and public square.[2] It also boats the "ancient and impressive College of Magers - a building of soaring spires, sparkling crystal domes, and a myriad labyrinthine passageways." The markets are always very busy.[3]

Chalannabrad docks are impressive, and the grand harbour is surrounded by building. All manner of ships put in here, from merchant galleys to freeboater galleons.[4]


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