Captain Cinnabar.jpg
skill 12
stamina 16
luck none
Preferred Weapon Sabre
Homeland Ruddlestone
Known associates Ramatu
Race/Species Human/Undead
Gender male
Alignment Evil
Equipment sabre, crossbow, pet parrot, fetish containing his heart

Cinnabar, also known as Bloodbones, was a pirate-lord who plies his Evil trade in the seas around Ruddlestone and the northern Old World. His galleon was called the Virago. He was a worshipper of Quezkari and a master of Voodoo magic[1] who became undead after his death, and was resurrected, sealing his heart in a fetish to become immortal.

In Bloodbones, the hero sets out to avenge his family, murdered by Cinnabar, only to find himself targetted by Cinnabar's pirates and other worshippers of Quezkari.

Cinnabar is a very powerful fighter whose undead parrot keeps pestering the player, which weakens the player by 1 point of skill and costs the player 1 stamina point 1 to 6 times each attack round. After defeating the Pirate Lord, the player can only kill him for good if they destroy the fetish containing his heart. It they do so, Quezkari then appears to avenge his death.

Cinnabar as an undead

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