Crystal Warrior
skill 10-11
stamina 11-13
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Crystal Weapon (as Two-Handed Sword) or Large Fist
Habitat in a sorcerer's company
Number Encountered 1
Type Construct
Reaction Neutral-Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

A Crystal Warrior is a type of Construct (similar to a Golem) in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.

Origins and DistributionEdit

Crystal Warriors are usually created by powerful sorcerers as guardians for their lair. They are animated via a lengthy and complex ritual;[1] that and their laborous construction usually mean that any one magician has only one or two of these at his beck and call. More powerful beings, however, are known to have even larger numbers of them at their disposal.[2]

Crystal Warriors are usually left in a certain key area, where they hold any intruders. They can be instructed to memorize up to two faces or recognize a certain symbol, which allows passage. Others unable to identify themselves are eventually attacked.[3]


A Crystal Warrior is hewn from pure crystal, mostly in the shape of a human warrior with a helmet. Because of their construction, their silhouettes are very stylized.

Special AbilitiesEdit

The structure of Crystal Warriors makes them very tough opponents. Next to their durability, their crystal bodies are virtually immune to edged weapons like Swords and Axes. Only blunt weapons with strong heads, like Maces or Warhammers, have any chance of damaging them.[4]

Other MediaEdit

Crystal Warriors appear in the Fighting Fantasy novel "Skullcrag" of The Zagor Chronicles series.[5]

Further NotesEdit

Further Information in CanonEdit

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