Cyrano the Swordfish is a self-proclaimed "master and teacher of masters" of sword-skill who dwells in the sunken realm of Atlantis, within one of the magical paintings of the Cathedral to Atlan.[1]

His appearance is predominantly humanoid, although he possesses fins along the back of his neck, and a fish's head; and he dresses in a highly extravagant style: heavy black boots, tall plumed hat, fine clothes replete with ruffs and frills, and a finely made rapier at his side.

A lesson in swordplay from Cyrano will cost either 2GPs or 1 Black Pearl, although, as he knows what it is to be poor and without either, he will sometimes also give instruction for the love of the art. His students find that their skill improves even if they succeed in defeating Cyrano during a lesson, yet losing is often far more beneficial as the swordmaster bestows his teachings upon them afterwards.

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