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Dintainta of the Steppes, sometimes known as The Sham, was an old sorceress who lived in the Klatta-Bak Steppes.[1]


At the time of her encounter with the Analander, Dintainta was a tall, middle aged woman dressed in purple robes.[2] She carried a Staff of Oak Sapling with her that could weaken the Seven Serpents, but was willing to give it to others if they impressed her [3] Dintainta's help to the Analander was to provide a vial of liquid capable of countering the power of the creature known as the Sleepless Ram that existed in Mampang Fortress.[4]

However, Dintainta's help only came at the price of a gift. Dintainta preferred spell artefacts but might take anything that was not food or useless.[5] If given an item she liked, she'd talk and give any aid she felt necessary. If given an item she was looking for, she'd also had over her Serpent Staff. However, giving her an item she already had and was not interested in gaining more of led to her rejecting the offer.[6] She would not give back any gifts but was open and appreciative of receiving a second item.[7]

Dintainta's reputation as the Sham and her knowledge of the Sleepless Ram led to a rhyming couplet forming around her. One of the people who knew this couplet was Shinva, Fifth Noble of Kharé.

For sleeping of the Sleepless Ram;

Seek out the one they call The Sham.

Interestingly, Shinva said that the couplet goes back to ancient days (and that he did not know what the Sleepless Ram was), implying that the Sham was born long before Shinva was.[8]

Dintainta was also recorded in Secrets of the Baklands, a scroll sold in the Caravan of Cesstar by the Black Elf Oolooh. This advises readers on where she lived, her liking of gifts, and how she may not be as she appears.[9]


Dintainta could shapeshift, with one of her forms being a fast-moving Gnome-like creature.[10] When in a different form, she can use both a fake voice and her real voice.[11] She also has the ability to transform objects, such as temporarily changing a sword into a snake by touching it with her Serpent Staff.[12] Finally, she could telekinetically repel an attacker by causing them to trip.[13]

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