skill 5-10
stamina 4-22
Type Humanoid/Dwarf

A Dwarf (two forms of the plural, Dwarfs and Dwarves, exist in canon), is a member of one of the four great original sentient races of Titan.

Origins and DistributionEdit

Said to have been created by Throff in the Godtime, the Dwarfs have great affinity with hills and mountains and all crafts associated with stonework.

Much information on this race can be found in the books Out of the Pit and Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World.

Throff's Dwarfs

A depiction of the interrelationships and evolution of the race of the Dwarfs

Dwarfs can be found all over Titan and Khul's mountains are no exception. Those Dwarfs who ventured to the south of Irritaria made their mansions in the Mountains of the Giants. Their various clans and members from these clans appear in many of the great stories of Khul. Their mansions are found in the Mountains of the Giants, Cloudhigh Mountains, and in the Copper Mountains. It is rumoured that some still live in the Northern Mountains of north east Khul, although surprisingly there are no records of Dwarf settlements in the Shios'ii.


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Further Information in CanonEdit

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