Earth Demon
skill 12
stamina 15
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Arms, Tentacles
Habitat Forests, Hills, Plains
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

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An Earth Demon is a bloated, predatory monster that draws its power from the earth.

Earth Demons are not denizens of the Pit, indeed they are not actual Demons at all. It is their violent and magical natures which earned them the "Demon" label.[1] Reputedly Earth Demons are the offspring of an accident - a sorcerer spilled some kind of liquid upon the earth, and it is this mishap that is rumoured to have created the first Earth Demon.[2]

The monster benefits largely from its elemental connection to the earth - it camouflages itself well, laying in wait just a few centimetres beneath ground level, before bursting forth and surprising its prey. Their strength is nevertheless also their weakness - removing them from contact with the Earth causes great injury to the creatures. However, the creature is huge, standing over three and a half metres tall,[1] so hoisting it off the ground is no mean feat.

Special RulesEdit

  • The Earth Demon had some special rules associated with it in Out of the Pit. So long as it was in connection with the earth the beast would lose only 1 stamina point with each wound. Instead of attacking the creature in an Attack Round, the player could opt to try to lift it off the ground. This was accomplished by rolling a double, and would inflict 6 stamina points of damage upon the Earth Demon.[3]

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