Earth Elemental
skill 18
stamina 22
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Very Large Fist
Habitat Elemental Plane of Earth, deep underground
Number Encountered 1
Type Elemental
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

Earth Elementals are the most powerful of all the primary Elementals, dwelling in solitary magnificence in the Elemental Plane of Earth and being summoned to the Earthly Plane only by the most capable or the most stupid of wizards. It is rumoured that the Master of Earth of Solani had mastered the art of summoning them, and was using them as little more than guard dogs in some places.[1]


An Earth Elemental manifests as a humanoid made out of solid rock, standing anywhere between two and five metres in height, depending on exactly how powerful it is.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Earth Elementals, being the mightiest of all primary Elementals, are almost impossible to kill and were long ago imprisoned inside large masses of rock or incredibly powerful containers to keep from causing havoc. Releasing one of them is therefore incredibly stupid and costs the fool who does so a die of luck points. They can only be harmed by magical weapons, and even so all hits against them are reduced to a single point of damage, whilst they themselves are strong enough to ignore all natural armour in an attack.

Further NotesEdit

  • During the retrieval of King Gillibran Ironhelm III's Hammer, an Earth Elemental was believed to have been accidentally released by the adventurer, though its location is unknown.
  • It is said that if defeated, an Earth Elemental can never be summoned to the Earthly Plane again, though it must also be acknowledged that no records exist to show that someone has attempted to do so!

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