skill 10 (Adult); 7 (Young)
stamina 16 (Adult); 10 (Young)
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Trample (same as Very Large Claw)
Habitat  ???
Number Encountered 1-6
Type Mammal
Reaction Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

The Elephant is rarely mentioned and YOU never face one in battle in Fighting Fantasy canon.

They are not listed in Out of the Pit, although they are mentioned in the entry on Mammoths, which are described as being "similar to elephants" (but this may simply be a meta-reference to the reader's real-world knowledge).[1] Note that the stats for Elephants in the box to the right are actually those for Mammoths, but we can assume that Elephants are rather similar, as Out of the Pit indicates.

Despite the lack of information on Elephants in Out of the Pit, there is scattered evidence in Fighting Fantasy canon that they are in fact part of the fauna of Allansia at least.

Elephants in AllansiaEdit

The first mention of Elephants in canon appears in Island of the Lizard King, establishing early on in the series that these creatures are part of the Fighting Fantasy world. On the journey to Fire Island, the unfortunate Mungo tells how his strong-man father would "have elephants stand on him" as part of his act when he worked in a travelling circus. [2]

Another possible early instance of an Elephant in Fighting Fantasy canon appears in the illustration of the Sentinel in Caverns of the Snow Witch.[3] This golden Sentinel is illustrated with two sword pommels appearing behind its shoulders, one of which is sculpted in the shape of an Elephant's head and trunk. It is possible, given the location of Caverns of the Snow Witch, that this may in fact be a Mammoth head, but there is no evidence of "fur" on the sculpture.

In Trial of Champions, YOU may encounter a soapstone carving of an Elephant in the revamped Deathtrap Dungeon.[4]

In the description of the Ride Special Skill in Dungeoneer, it is noted that this Special Skill gives "a (reduced) chance of being able to ride other, unfamiliar animals", including Elephants.[5] Given that Dungeoneer is set in north-west Allansia, this may be taken as evidence that Elephants live in that continent at least.

In the description of the Hydra in The Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook, a number of supposedly mythical creatures are mentioned, including "snake-nosed horses the size of a house".[6] It may be assumed that this refers to Elephants, and may suggest that these creatures are rather rarely encountered in (some parts of) Titan, so that they are considered to be mythical beasts by some rather than real creatures.

Prior to the Battle of Kaad, as described in Allansia, Mayor Morgent asks Father Durant whether his "books tell us anything about how to fight a battle".[7] Father Durant replies that he remembers "something about King Salamon the Ninth once facing an army equipped with elephants", but Captain Lannamar describes this as "old technology" which may be overcome with "modern" longbows. As well as confirming the presence of Elephants in (north-west) Allansia, this conversation gives us a fascinating insight into their history in the region.

Note that the Giant Mouse encountered in The Riddling Reaver is described as being "larger than an elephant", but this could just as easily be another meta-reference for the reader/player as much as a reference to the players' knowledge of Elephants in Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World.[8]

Elephants in the Old World?Edit

The only evidence for Elephants outside of Allansia appears in The Crown of Kings, where a small model of an Elephant appears in the illustration of a merchant's room in Mampang Fortress.[9] Although this might indicate that Elephants are known in the Old World, it is not definite evidence that they live there since it is quite possible that this merchant has picked up trinkets from across the Western Ocean.

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