skill 6-9
stamina 5-17
Type Humanoid/Elf

Elves are one of the four great original sentient races of Titan.

Created by Galana in the Godtime, the Elves all originally had great affinity with the Woods and Forests of Titan. The majority of Elves remain in touch with the woodland realms and are more accurately now described as Wood Elves. Offshoots of the Elven race other than Wood Elves include Mountain Elves, Black Elves and of course Dark Elves.

Elves are much diminished in numbers since Irritarian days but can still be found all over Titan. Khul is no exception. When Irritaria was split, so to was the One Forest. In Khul, the main remnants of the One Forest are in north-east Khul, such as the Old Forest, and Affen Forest. Here the Wood Elves remain quite strong. There is also a kingdom of Elves in south-west Khul in the jungles of Transoxalia. Although never part of the One Forest this is an ancient woodland. The Mountain Elves of Khul are more rare being confined mainly to the Aetos Heights in Zamarra and the Ilkhan Ranges of Kazan. There may be some scattered groups in the Cloudhigh Mountains and Mountains of the Giants. What few Dark Elves inhabit Khul are for the most now confined to the north-east, though their real strength lies in Allansia.

The Elven RacesEdit

Galana's Elves

A depiction of the interrelationships and evolution of the race of the Elves

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The 12th of Freeze (12th of Snow's Cloak in the Khulian Reckoning) is an Elven holy day.[1]

Their creator god Galana also has her holy day on the 28th of Dark (29th of Skies in Darkness in the Khulian Reckoning).[2]

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