Temple of Elim
Domain Darkness
Other Names Great Enemy; Dweller in Darkness
Symbols Black Flag
Parentage Arn
Children High Lords of Evil and Chaos
Elim is one of the Primal Deities and is also known as the Great Enemy and the Dweller in Darkness, whose aim is to return all to the Primal Chaos. Elim's name translates as "Dark".[1]

It is thought that Elim created the three High Lords of Evil and Chaos.


Elim was worshipped in ancient Carsepolis; Sargon was one of Elim's priests there.[2] Sargon later help revive the Cult of Elim in Port Blacksand and elsewhere.[3] Elim's ceremonies involve lots of evil prayers and blood-letting; high-ranking priests of Elim were also capable of summoning Demonspawn and Silent Deaths to Titan.[4] In a letter to his followers, Sargon claimed his Revived Church of Elim had established temples in Halak, Rimon, Salamonis and Fang.[5]


A statue of Elim in Port Blacksand depicted the deity as a bald, muscular Human male with visible bones and muscles.[6]

Opponents of Elim[]

Elim is known to both Nicodemus and Yaztromo; the latter stated that "Elim is an ancient deity whose ways and intentions are hard for modern magic to follow". Yaztromo feared Elim, saying that should Elim fully reassert his power, "our gods, and the world that they made in their image, will be as nothing to him." He told a group of adventurers that they had to stop Elim's agent Sargon at all costs.[7]

Elim is particularly dreaded by the Swamp Warriors of Allansia, who worship Elim's enemies Ashra and Vuh; the Swamp Warriors consider it unlucky for anyone other than their High Priest to speak Elim's name.[8]

Dagger of Elim[]

The Dagger of Elim is an ancient artefact with the power to immediately destroy a follower of Ashra or Vuh.

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