Escaping is part of the rule system of some Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. If the player finds themselves outclassed in a Battle, they will be defeated unless they Escape.

But only some of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks give you the option to escape, and you can only escape from fights if the circumstances are right (e.g. you are not cornered, or are faster than your opponent). As a result, you are only allowed to escape from a battle if the paragraph in the gamebook you are reading specifically gives you the option to do so. If it does not, you must resolve the combat normally. If it does, your opponent has an unopposed strike on you as you escape, causing you 2 points of stamina damage (which can be reduced by following the Using Luck in Battles rule), but at least you do not have to continue the fight.[1]

Note that no rules or possibilities are given for escaping in many of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, especially those published later in the history of the franchise.

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