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The Eye of the Storm is the fish-like flying vehicle of Balthazar Sturm.[1]

History Edit

Sturm intended to use the Eye as a way of revenging himself on the Femphrey College of Mages. He attacked several settlements to trial his new machine, including the village of Vastarin.[2]

However, the Hero of Tannatown learned of this plan and boarded the Eye. After the Eye was destroyed, it landed on a tribe of Lendlelanders who planned to attack Femphrey.[3]

Technical details Edit

The ship was built of brass and wood. The fins were sails and the tail a rudder. The eyes were a pair of glass domes. The ship sometimes had a whirlwind blowing underneath it. [4]

The Eye of the Storm had 4 decks.

Top deck Edit

The fore cabin contained the Burning Glass. The aft cabin contained the Ice Maker.[5]

The Ice Maker section was frozen as it had a glass sphere containing a blizzard. The snowstorm was channeled outside by a pipe. Two Brass Monkeys guarded the room.[6] The Burning Glass section was hot as the magnifying glass needed to concentrate sunlight that came from the glass ceiling. This lens had a convex and concave side; when the concave side faced out it would burn anything it hit, whilst turned inside it would set fire to the deck.[7]

Middle deck Edit

The rearward end of the middle deck contained the Engine Room.[5] This section contained a huge sphere connected to the ship through pipes and wires. A crew of Fulgurites monitored and guarded the Engine Room.[8] The sphere contained four Greater Elementals trapped in a constant battle, which provided the magical energy powering the Eye.[9] One of these Elementals was Boreas, the North Wind.[10]

The forward end contained the Helm.[5]The fore section was guarded by the Juggernaut.[11] It also held a Hydrotomaton and a Pneumatomaton to carry out repairs and fight fires across the Eye.[12] Beyond that was the bridge, which was dominated by the observation domes giving a view of the outside. Banks of machinery lined the walls, all crewed by Fulgurites. A central console on a raised platform provided Balthasar Sturm with control of the Eye.[13]

Bottom deck Edit

This deck had an access hatch that allowed entry to the ship.[14] It had a grilled walkway and a cast iron staircase.

The fore end of the ship contained a cabin containing the Wind Turbine and another with the Lightning Generator. The Aft had an office unmarked on the blueprints for the Eye and the cabin containing the Rudder Controls.[5] The office contained a map, a logbook, and plans for the Eye.[15] . The Rudder Controls were a set of pulleys connected by ropes to a windlass.[16] The Wind Turbine was a set of bellows.[17] Beyond that was a Lighting Generator that contained a mechanism for generating electricity.[18]

The Wind Turbine is a massive bellows connected to a windmill, where a funnel directs the airstream outwards.[17] The Lighting Generator has a spinning column holding two brass spheres between two metal columns.[19]

Bilges Edit

The bilges contained stagnant water that had dripped down through the ship, along with other discarded rubbish. It was accessed by a set of iron steps. On a Stormsday, the wood, rags, sailcloth, and metal components could animate through the residual magical energy and form into a humanoid shape called a Detritus.[5] The bilge may also contain discarded experimental constructs such as the Dreadnought.[20]

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