The FF Titan Bestiary is a large, multi-part database which is contained within the Titan Rebuilding Yahoo! Group.[1]

The aim of this database, set up and managed by various members of Titan Rebuilding (particularly Greyarea13) is to catalogue all creatures mentioned in Fighting Fantasy canon and to create the first ever exhaustive bestiary of Titan and other Fighting Fantasy worlds. The "FF Titan Bestiary" is described as follows on Titan Rebuilding:

This is a database for creatures from Titan and its associated planes, as detailed in the FF canon. Please add every creature mentioned in each FF book, stating its name, type of creature that it is, the book in which it occurs, and every paragraph in which it is mentioned or alluded to. Please include every type of creature, from Insects and Mice to Bloodbeasts and Manticores. In cases where multiple individuals of the same species appear in the same book, please list each individual seperately. In the REFERENCES entry, please mark paragraphs which include stats for the creature with a following #, and paragraphs which are accompanied by an illustration of the creature with a following *.

As of March 2010, the database contains over 6700 records (again mainly added by Greyarea13), the result of extensive analysis of almost the entire Titan-based canon materials (see the associated Database Monitoring database on Titan Rebuilding). Since the database is searchable, (near) full listings of all occurrences of particular species (with the precise pages or paragraph(s) they are mentioned in) can easily be produced.

Note that plant-creatures are generally recorded in the FF Titan Herbal database in Titan Rebuilding, and Human opponents are listed in the FF Titan Rogues' Gallery database.


As at 5th May 2010, of the 6,888 entries, there were 2,237 distinct creatures. The FF Titan Bestiary Conversion Project aims to integrate all of these into Titannica. A full listing of the creatures, along with their integration status is contained here. The only areas of Titan-based canon yet to be included in the database are defined as follows:

  • Conversion of Out of the Pit references from large version book into references for the small book version
  • deconstruction of Night of the Necromancer
  • deconstruction of softback Tasks of Tantalon (hardback done so conversion of references in effect)
  • 3 parts of The Dark Usurper
  • deconstruction of the Poster Book

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