Fighting Fantasy Battlegame was part of the Fighting Fantasy Heroes licenced range from Citadel Miniatures.

It was also known as Fighting Fantasy Battlegame Rules and Dice and Fighting Fantasy Rules and Dice (in the Games Workshop mailorder advert for miniatures).

Initial Adverts[]

The Battlegame and The Paints with the Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Role-Playing Game book

In Warlock issue 5 the "Fighting Fantasy News" section said that towards the end of the year, Citadel Miniatures should be releasing their "Fighting Fantasy Battlegame". It said that the box to the game is actually a large, three-dimensional dungeon in polystyrene, with movable walls to allow players to design their own dungeon layouts. Included in the box are a selection of 60mm plastic figures with different weapons, dice and special Fighting Fantasy rules so that players can conduct their own Fighting Fantasy dungeon adventures with up to six players. It seems that something of this scale was never produced. Rather, the plastic miniatures were produced separately (as described above), and a "Fighting Fantasy Battlegame Rules and Dice" set was produced instead to supplement these. Limited numbers of the Dungeon were in fact produced and marketed through the five GW stores at the time. This was definitely seen and sold at the Hammersmith and Sheffield GW branches.

Final Product[]

The "Fighting Fantasy Battlegame Rules and Dice" set was described in issue 6. It said that Citadel Miniatures has produced a special dice set for the Fighting Fantasy miniatures, which includes not only a selection of multi-sided dice but also a complete set of Battlegame rules for individual combat between adventurers and monsters. "The whole set is quite cheap, selling for only £1.25." This is what was released.

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