Commercial? Mixed
Type of site Official site of Fighting Fantasy
Registration required? For certain areas
Owner Steve Jackson
Ian Livingstone
Created by David Holt 2003~2011
Jamie Fry 2011~present
Available language(s) English
Launched February 10 2003
September 2 2009 Relaunch
Current Status Active

For other uses of, see (disambiguation) (or simply Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks) is the official website of the Fighting Fantasy range of gamebooks. It was launched by David Holt in 2003, building on Holt's previous fan-effort It absorbed the URL in 2006. In September 2009 the site was overhauled to match the "Series 2" launch of the gamebooks from Wizard. Holt stepped down as editor in August 2011 and was replaced by Jamie Fry.

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  • "The Warlock's Quill" - Letters from Fighting Fantasy fans
  • "Out of the Pit" - Fan-created monsters
  • Gamebook solutions (none online)
  • Fighting Fantasy artists talk about their cover art for the range (Martin McKenna, Les Edwards and Mel Grant)
  • Solution maps. Only The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Trial of Champions have maps online
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Reviews
  • Amateur art gallery
  • Forum
  • Amateur Gamebooks (an "*" indicates not available online by time of site relaunch):
  • The Wicker Hamper by Sean Loftiss
  • Assault on the Fortress of Evil by Al Sander
  • The Sanguine Wave by Ed Jolley
  • Claw of the Fleshless King by Andrew Gale
  • Rule of the Zombies by Daniel Evans
  • Sword of the Fallen by Laurence MacNaughton
  • Revenge of the Shadow Demon by Seb Menkes
  • Blacksand Assassin* by Al Sander
  • Sanctuary of Souls* by Kieran Coghlan
  • Escape from Phrodite* by William Corgan
  • Roots of Evil* by Nicholas Marsh
  • Maze of Mayhem by Stephen Page
  • Massacre City* by Thomas Goodall
  • Catastrophe in the Arctic* by Alex Dundas
  • Castle of Terror* by Chris Bedford
  • Treasures of Briny Deep by Kieran Coghlan
  • Termination Trials* by George Jenkins
  • Champion of Doom* by Andrew Gale
  • The Cold Heart of Chaos by Al Sander
  • Feathers of the Phoenix by Kieran Coghlan
  • Terror in Silverton* by Sarah Beamish
  • Realm of the Kracken* by Jack Jubb
  • Out of Time by Tom Bennett
  • Escape from Oblivion by Rob Horton
  • Creature of the Creek* by Jack Pittard
  • The Magic Gatherer* by Andrew Howe
  • The Un-united Kingdom* by Stephen Vaughan and Sam Biddlecombe
  • Deathtrap Overlord by Al Sander
  • Warband by Alfred Drake
  • In the Footsteps of a Hero by Victor Cheng
  • Amateur multi-player adventures:
  • Attack of the Dragon by Adrian Ford
  • The Unholy Alliance by John Clark
  • The Saga of the Serpent Queen by Andre Hansen
  • Deathrise Mountain by David Holt*

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