Fire Imp
Fire Imp
skill 9 (mature)
6 (larva form)
stamina 4
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Small Bite or Fire Breath (see below)
Habitat Demonic Planes, anywhere their summoner is
Number Encountered 1
Type Demon
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

Fire Imps (also known as Lava Demons in their larva form) are a type of Demon in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.

Origins and DistributionEdit

Fire Imps originate from the Demonic Planes. How they come into being is largely unknown, but it is known that they evolve from a larva form called Lava Demons. How long it takes to complete the metamorphosis from larva to adult form is unknown.[1]

Fire Imps are the usual choice of pets and familiars for any sorcerers powerful enough to summon one and unscrupulous enough to have dealings with demonic forces.[2] They make fairly faithful pets to such persons, but to anyone else they are very vicious, attacking without giving quarter. On occasion, they are sometimes found - in huger numbers - as parts of a demonic army of Evil.[3]


In their adult forms, Fire Imps look like a small ball of red fur with two tiny feet, two bat-like wings in place of arms, two tiny horns protuding from their skulls, and a small prehensile tail for balance and steering. They have an uncannily human-like face and can reach a length up to one meter.[4]

A Fire Imp's immature form, the Lava Demon, looks like a huge eyeless slug with no eyes or feelers, but a huge gaping mouth brimmed with sharp teeth.[5] These are not to be confused with the Demons of the same name serving as shock troops in the demonic Legions of the Damned.[6]

Special AbilitiesEdit

In both their immature and adult forms, Fire Demons are able to fly. While the Imp employs its wings to attain great speed, their larva forms hover under their own power but are somewhat slower in flight (as reflected by their lower Skill). Exactly what keeps the larva forms afloat is unknown.[7]

In its adult form, a Fire Imps usually attacks by breathing a jet of fire from its mouth.[8] Under the Advanced Rules in Dungeoneer, the fire would possibly be akin to a Small Fire in intensity, inflicting 1-3 points of damage upon a hit.[9]


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Further Information in CanonEdit

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