Fire Island is an island off the coast of Western Allansia.[1]

On the island there is a volcano, the prison colony, a gold mine, jungles, swamps, a gorge and a river, all surrounded by sandy beaches.[2]

Fire Island was formerly a prison colony ruled by Blacksands Town, guarded by a tribe of paid Lizard Men.[1] The colony was founded in 192AC as a futile attempt by the good prince, Prince Olaf, to rid his land of undesirables. Fire Island was abandoned, the Lizard Men received no pay and therefore took over.[1] One prison guard proclaimed himself King. This guard was actually a Lizard King anyway and as such well versed in the practice of voodoo and black magic.

Apart from a few escaped prisoners, other inhabitants of the island are Cave Woman, Headhunter (Fire Island) and sometimes a few pirates.[3]

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