Firetop Mountain is a large mountain in Allansia.


Firetop Mountain is a very jagged mountain rising from the Pagan Plains, somewhat close to the Moonstone Hills.[1] Though long thought to be unclimbable, it can actually be done if the climber is daring - or deperate - enough.[2] The mountain earns its name from a vast growth of red Sleeping Grass on its summit,[3] which made people at first believe that the mountain was a volcano.[4]

The nearest village to the mountain, Anvil, is a two-day hike; it was from this village that the hero who first defeated Zagor, set out.

The mountain is riddled with a veritable labyrinth of corridors and rooms, bisected by an underground river in the center of the mountain. Formerly carved out of the rock by a tribe of Dwarfs, its original inhabitants were driven out or eliminated by Zagor and his Orcs when he moved into the mountain. Only a hardy rest of the Dwarfs stayed to eke out a living in their old home and harrass the Warlock however they could.[5] With the Warlock's first resurrection, however, it is likely that even these valiant Dwarfs were driven out or killed.

Some years ago the river swelled cutting off supplies from outside world. All the inhabitants starved to death and those that remained became undead due to a curse Zagor placed on them. These undead were used as additional guards to protect the entrance of the maze which led to Zagor's inner sanctum.

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