Fish Man
Fish Man.jpg
skill 7
stamina 6
Weapon Used Small Claw or weapon (Spear)
Habitat Caves, Lakes, Marshes, Rivers
Number Encountered 1
Type Humanoid/Fish
Reaction Unfriendly-Hostile
Intelligence Low

Fish Men are a type of animal/humanoid monster in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.

Origins and Distribution[]

Fish Men are a magical cross-breed between man and fish, first brought into being by the evil sorcerer Marrangha in the eastern Cloudcap Mountains.[1][2] They live mostly in fresh water, though there are some instances where they may be found in salt water as well.[3]

Though they mostly live solitary lives, Fish Men congregate once a year in a certain mountain lake to mate and produce young.[4].

There are persistent reports of a community of Fish Men living in the sewers of Port Blacksand.[5]

A possible deep-sea, salt water variety called Pelagine (Pelaginette for females) exist in the waters around the Isles of the Dawn.[6]


Fish Men appear as fish with a set of spindly arms, and legs in place of a tail. Their fish heads are fitted with bulbous eyes, and their bodies are covered with yellow-green scales. As aquatic creatures, though amphibious, they prefer to stay in the water and out of the sun to keep their skin moist; if it dries up, they will die of dehydration. They hate surface-dwellers (whom they call "Dry Ones") and usually meet them with hostility when the latter stumble into their watery lairs.

Fish Men are meat eaters, and are not even averse of cannibalizing their own fish cousins for food.[7] They can speak Common, though their words are puncutated by gurgles and croaks.

Special Abilities[]

Fish Men have the ability to breathe both water and air, thanks to a set of lungs from their human origin. However, due to the danger of dehydration, they cannot stay outside the water for extensive periods of time.

Further Information in Canon[]

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