Flying Fish
skill 8
stamina 8
Attacks 1
Habitat Lakes
Number Encountered 2-7 (1 die plus 1)
Type Fish
Reaction Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

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There are Flying Fish in the southern oceans, but these fish are not as dangerous or aggressive as those to be found in Lake Ilklala in Kakhabad. They are only the size of a man's hand, but their wide mouths are full to the brim with razor sharp teeth that can strip through flesh and bone with equal ease. They can maintain flight for a few minutes flapping their oversized fins.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Flying Fish will attack as a group (treated as a single creature) and their attack can last a maximum of seven Attack Rounds before they must land in the water again. If they land on the ground they will quickly die. If this were to happen and then an adventurer decided to eat it raw, or cooked, they would discover it tastes disgusting and suffer intense stomach cramps for several hours afterwards. They would also take one die of stamina damage.[2]

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