Ian Livingstone's Forest of Doom is a D20 module adapted by from the original Fighting Fantasy gamebook of The Forest of Doom by Ian Livingstone and edited by Myriador. It was published first in 2004 and the principal author / converter Jamie Wallis.

Backgound[edit | edit source]

The background is based on the original gamebook.

Cover and illustrations[edit | edit source]

The cover art by Martin McKenna was the same of the Wizard Books edition of the original book.

The interior illustrations were by Amandine Labarre and Martin McKenna.

Comparisons to Original Book[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

PC[edit | edit source]

The module offered 4 pre-generated PCs :

They are the same pre-generated PCs of Trial of Champions (d20), The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (d20), Caverns of the Snow Witch (d20) and Deathtrap Dungeon (d20).

PNC[edit | edit source]

The conversion add a name and a background to most secondary characters, anonymous in the original book.

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