Homeland Halak
Race/Species Human
Gender Male

Garius of Halak is a famed pirate of the Pirate Coast of western Allansia. He is fearsome, but also good humoured and respects honour and valour, so that he sometimes offers to hire his enemies that show these qualities.[1]

Early Life[]

Garius hails from the city of Halak[2] situated on the western entrance to the Bay of Elkor.[3] He was born on Moonsday 5th of Hiding, 243AC.[4] He learnt his pirate craft in the service of Captain Bartella before becoming his own master.[2]

Captain of the Death's Head[]

After he left the service of Bartella, Garius bought his own ship, the Death's Head.[2] His reputation for attacking any vessel that he believes contains gold or precious cargo, whosoever that cargo may belong to, has bred fear and terror amongst those that would sail the seas of Allansia. This is inclusive of other pirates who is known also to have attacked. It is believed that his secret hideout is on the Pirate Coast although this vague description does little to narrow the range of possibilities. For those that would wish to find Garius, a better option would be to visit one of the numerous taverns in Halak's Docklands Quarter.[2]

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