Gary Ward is an illustrator and graphic designer whose work spans both literature and the world of video gaming. His contribution to Fighting Fantasy is known from his work on the Caverns of the Snow Witch.

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Early Life[edit | edit source]

Gary studied Art and Graphic Design at Goldsmith’s College, London, graduating in 1984, before becoming a freelance illustrator.

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Fighting Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Gary’s first big commission was with his friend and fellow Goldsmith’s student Edward Crosby who were given the job of illustrating the ninth Fighting Fantasy book Caverns of the Snow Witch by Ian Livingstone. The adventure had previously appeared in issue 2 of Warlock, although it had been illustrated by a different artist. Altogether they were asked to produce about 25 illustrations for the book. According to Crosby they went for a bold wood block style, using black felt tip and the originals were drawn on A3 paper.[1] Despite a positive reaction to the work, neither Crosby nor Ward worked on Fighting Fantasy again, save in republishing of the artwork in books such as Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World, Out of the Pit and The Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook.

Current[edit | edit source]

In February 1998, Gary Ward joined Edward Grabowski Communications Limited, a company founded by the eponymous Ed Grabowski, a designer and coder of strategy computer games who originally started in the 1980's on the Sinclair Spectrum, moving his way up through platforms until settling many years ago onto the PC platform. Although the company was founded four years before Gary joined it, he has contributed work to all their titles[2] as a graphic designer and a "Young at heart artist".[3]

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Gary's work has appeared in many magazines, role-playing games and books, and he has provided cover illustrations for a variety of game and video releases.[4]

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