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A Genie is a spirit being.[1]

They are often perceived as being Chaotic and even Evil. There is no doubt that some of their race in the early history of the Godtime was subverted by the darker forces, and these subverted Genies are referred to as Djinns. However, the Genies are actually servants of the Trickster Gods, seeking to keep in balance Good and Evil, Law and Chaos.

They are closely related to the Suma. It is believed that the first of the Genies were actually Suma persuaded by Logaan and his fellows to follow their creed.

Most commonly people associate a Genie with three wishes. It is often the case that a Genie will grant a wish but beware! A Genie may easily twist the words of the wish to have a very different meaning or outcome than would have been desired. If the Genie felt that Good was dominant at that moment it could mean a disastrous result for the wish maker. What could be even worse is if the Genie were actually Djinn, for the two are almost indistinguishable.

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