A Giant is a huge humanoid and one of the four great original sentient races of Titan.

Created by Titan in the Godtime the Giants all originally had great affinity with the Hills and Mountains of Titan, but have since spread to all manner of environments, giving them great diversity.


Giants are said to have been created by Titan in the Godtime. They fought on the side of Good during the First Battle, where their prodigious strength served them well against the monstrosities of Chaos. However, the aftermath of the Godswar was little reward for the Giants with many of their homes destroyed and their great cities annihilated. The Giants fragmented as a race and began to develop into a number of distinct types dependent upon the habitat they began to live in.

Dealings with Human AffairsEdit

Giants are much diminished in numbers since Irritarian days but can still be found all over Titan. Giants are now deemed a Chaotic race and they are greatly feared by the residents of wilder regions.[1] They are now a disorganised race and like Humans spend much of their time fighting amongst one another which diverts their attention away from the affairs of the "little people".

In Khul they are known to exist in Scorpion Swamp[2] and in the eastern regions of Zamarra.

Variations in RacesEdit

Giants are scattered widely across Titan. Although the different species vary, they typically grow up to five times the height of the average Human and can be dangerous foes.[3] In general they are on the whole blustery quick tempered beings. Their intelligence is dependent upon the species but on the whole they have significantly diminished in this respect since the days of the Golden Age.[4]

Titan's Giants

A depiction of the interrelationships and evolution of the race of Giants

The skin colour of Giants varies widely from pale greys to reddish brown with long straight black hair. They are usually heavily bearded, and have powerful arms and legs that enable them to stomp about the world, crushing trees and dwellings without a single thought.[5] The typical perception of the giants appearance is that they are clothed in rough animal hides or skins and favour huge clubs as weapons.[6] Notable exceptions to this intellectual regression are the Storm Giants and the extremely rare Fire Giants.

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